St. Peter’s Welcoming Group

When anyone moves to a new place they may find it difficult to settle in, meet new people and experience being made welcome. This can be especially true in a large parish like St Peter’s. The Welcoming Group aims to help new parishioners feel welcomed to our parish and settle in more easily.

There are notification cards at the back of church for new parishioners to complete to let us know about their arrival. Reminders are put in the parish newsletter about registering and announcements made at Sunday Masses.

The Welcoming Group then make contact by phone (or by letter if no phone number shown) and encourage a home visit by two members of the group.

At the visit we give a friendly welcome and provide them with a parish welcome card. Information is given about St Peter’s Parish and Leamington Spa generally. We encourage the new parishioners to become involved in some aspects of parish life as they may feel drawn (there is no attempt to pressurise). They are asked to keep an eye on the weekly parish newsletter and respond to events that are to take place.

If they have any specific interests, requests or needs these are referred to the parish priest, appropriate person or parish group, eg. for a home blessing, sick visiting or Holy Communion at home. They are asked if they wish to be advised of their nearest Catholic neighbour. If agreed, they are given a welcome card with the relevant details. The Catholic neighbour is then given a card with the details of the new parishioner and asked to await any possible contact from them.

Should a visit not be requested on the notification card, the appropriate welcome is made by telephone and a welcome letter sent (or just a welcoming letter if no phone number shown).

Contact:- Peter and Margaret Dimambro 01926 428399