Baptism Group

The introduction of a child to the family of the Church is a very special occasion, and the Baptism Group helps families to make spiritual and practical arrangements for this day.

Preparation evenings are held every two months — in January, March, May, July, September and November in which the meaning and importance of the occasion are explained. The format of the evening is informal, with a café-style setting, a DVD introducing various aspects of the sacrament, and an opportunity to meet and discuss with other parents, and to find out about the social life of the parish.

Parents wishing to have their child baptised at St. Peter’s are asked to complete a form, available from the Presbytery. The administrator of the group, Anne-Marie Insley, will then contact them with dates and times for the baptism course. She can also fix a date in the diary for their Baptism. You can contact Anne-Marie on 01926 772933 or email:

The structure of the course is undergoing some revision at present, and new instructors are about to be trained in its delivery.

Baptisms are held each Sunday at 12.45pm. No more than two families can be booked on the same date, as this provides more intimacy for the occasion. Families are invited to participate more fully with the liturgy ie. readings, prayers, even hymns but this is not compulsory.

For more information on the Sacrament of Baptism, see the Baptism page.