Christian Life Community (CLC)

We currently have three groups in our parish.

We meet in small groups once a fortnight to share with each other about our prayer journey and where God has been.

CLC is a national and international community which supports us in living our Christian life inspired by the spirituality of St Ignatius of Loyola.

The CLC way of life:-

  • enables us to become more aware of God’s presence in our everyday lives,
  • encourages us to support each other in our efforts to work with Christ for others,
  • gives us ways of praying and discerning God’s will in our lives, and
  • encourages us to read the scriptures and offers us the opportunity to listen to others and share our own reflections.

In our journey through life we focus particularly on:-

  • Spirituality – living prayer, by trying to pray each day,
  • Community – being a spiritual family, by listening to each other and seeing how God has been at work through us, and
  • Mission – loving service, by recognising that we are companions of Christ on a journey and serving Him in the home, at work, in the parish, in the local community and through organisations working to reform the unjust structures of society.


Contacts:- Brian and Janice Austin 01926 428635