Justice and Peace at St. Peter’s

Notes of recent meetings:

J&P minutes 22 May 2017
JP minutes 24 April 2017
J&P minutes 27 March 2017
J&P minutes 27 February 2017
J&P minutes 23 January 2017
J&P Meeting Notes – November 2016

Review of the Year:
J&P Meeting Notes – Review of the Year September 2016
J&P Summary of the Year September 2015 – July 2016

We have all our documents, including notes of our meetings, on our GoogleDrive

Meeting dates in 2017 (all at 7.30pm on a Monday in the Flint Room of the Annexe except where otherwise indicated)
May 22nd
June 26th
July 24th
(no meeting in August)
Tuesday September 5th (12.30 pm mass in church; 2 pm Review of the Year in the Davenport Room upstairs in the Parish Centre)
September 25th
October 23rd
November 27th

About Us
‘Justice and Peace’ activities are seen as an integral part and expression of our love of neighbour and an intrinsic part of our Christian way of life. In other words, to be concerned about the lack of justice and peace is a necessity for us all.

The monthly meeting exists to consider Justice and Peace issues, usually on the 4th Monday of each month (except August and December) in the Flint Room of the Parish Centre Annexe. This is an open meeting for any parishioner to take part.

Our meeting does not see itself as a separate group of the parish, but rather a meeting of the parish to consider issues relating to justice and peace. Therefore, any parishioner is welcome to attend at any time.

It is held to learn about issues of concern and feed information back to the parish, making recommendations or facilitating activities in response to these issues. In this way we hope to raise the level of awareness amongst parishioners.

The meeting does not involve themselves in fundraising or aid activities but rather areas of concern such as:

  • World Development
  • Poverty in the UK
  • Fairtrade and trade justice
  • Peace in the Holy Land
  • The effect of climate change
  • Care of the environment

Which may mean that we look at issues that some may consider to be ‘political’.

We cannot do everything, but rather choose those issues that are of particular interest to those attending the meetings. Unfortunately this may mean that we cannot participate in campaigns or projects that are current at any particular time.

In particular, note is taken of input from:

  • The Birmingham Diocesan Justice & Peace Commission
  • Catholic Agency for Overseas Development: CAFOD
  • Pax Christi
  • LiveSimply
  • Action by Christians Against Torture: ACAT

The work already being undertaken in the Parish by SPAN, St Vincent de Paul and other groups is recognised and the meeting wishes to support and encourage these rather than doing anything in parallel or conflicting with them; and hopefully to cooperate with other local churches or other groups given the opportunity to do so.

The email address used for the group is stp.jandp@talktalk.net and there is a Google Group email sharing group stp-jandp@googlegroups.com that you can join.

Some websites of note: