St. Peter’s Parish Parochial Council

St. Peter’s Parish Parochial Council (PPC) is a group set up by the parish priest to assist and advise the parish priest in his work. The emphasis is on the pastoral work of the church. All of our meetings are held with Fr. John (our parish priest), and require his approval for any actions which are proposed. Our main role is advisory, and secondarily to action. Our aim is to provide a framework within which disparate areas of the parish life can meet, exchange views and focus on the medium to long term needs of our church as a whole and to structure the plans to implement the response to these needs in a logical and integrated way, so that the parishioners are included and central to the plans.

To this end we have a membership of about a dozen people who are broadly representative of the life of the parish as a whole. In order that we could concentrate on the strategic planning, we set up sub groups to look at specific areas and action the plans for their area. There is an interplay of ideas and information between the main parish council and its sub groups, sometimes ideas will arrive from the sub group and be agreed by the PPC and returned to the subgroup to implement and sometimes the PPC will initiate the action.

St Peter’s Parish Parochial Council:

  • Fr John Cross (Parish Priest)
  • Ira Winter (Chair)
  • Ethne Pettigrew (Secretary)