On most Sundays after the 11.30am Mass the clergy of St. Peter’s Church are busy welcoming relatives and guests in preparation for the Sacrament of Baptism. Sometimes people refer to Baptism as a Christening.

We invite those who would like to have their child Baptised at St. Peter’s Catholic Church to complete the Request for Baptism Form on the link below and return it to us. Our team of Catechists will invite parents and Godparents to the instruction classes. These sessions are also advertised in the newsletter. The two classes provide all the information required by parents and Godparents about this important moment in the life of their child. We explain the meaning of Baptism and what happens in the Service. Queries can be sorted out by the Catechists who also arrange the date of the Baptism with the Parish Clergy. One parent should be Catholic. Godparents should be Christians and at least one should be a Catholic because during the service they are asked to assist the parents in helping to bring up the child in the practise of the faith. Each child Baptised should have a Christian name. The life of this saint becomes an example for the child to aspire to. In cases where a child is over 7 years of age the Parish shares the responsibility of instruction with the parents and the school (where applicable).

For adults who would like to be Baptised, please contact the Parish Priest as this requires a more detailed process known as RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults). These classes normally take place with those who have expressed an interest in learning more about the faith. Please complete the Request for Baptism Form on the link below and return it to us.

Every Baptism at St. Peter’s is recorded in the Parish Register. We give a certificate to each newly Baptised child. Copies are available on request.

Request for Baptism Form link.

Any queries please Contact us.