Death is something we all have to deal with. It is never easy, especially when the person who has died is someone we love.

Generally the death of a loved one needs to be registered first with the Funeral Director who will contact the priest to check his availability and arrange the date and time of the service.

Arranging the funeral of a loved one can be a very traumatic time for those in mourning. The priest is very conscious of the fragile state of those who are trying to arrange a service and will advise on what is permissible according to the Rites and customs of the Catholic Church. Sometimes the Funeral Directors give incorrect information about what can and cannot be done so please speak to a priest before you begin to make any arrangements.

Catholic funerals follow the Rites of the Catholic Church. During the arrangements for the Order of Service the priest will explain the teaching of the Church and talk through the types of service available i.e. a Requiem Mass, a Reception, a Burial, or a Cremation. A Catholic Service is available if preferred.

There is a special part of each service where a member of the family can be invited to say a few words about the deceased. This is not compulsory. The text should always be given in advance to the celebrant. The playing of non-sacred music especially pop songs is not appropriate in the church and it is suggested they be played at the Crematorium or elsewhere.

At St. Peter’s we have a “Funeral Co-ordinator” at each Service. These volunteers help the mourners as they arrive. They wear a special badge to identify them.