One of the nicest things about being a priest is in helping the bride and groom to prepare for their Wedding Day. There are a lot of things to do in preparation for the day, with many Civil and Church regulations to work through but with good planning it is possible to prepare at a gentle pace and avoid the stress of cramming everything into the last moment. Most couples give about a year’s notice which is ideal. The minimum requirement is 6 months notice because sometimes we are in the hands of the postal service here or abroad and waiting for letters to be returned.

The most important requirement is for the couple to arrange a time to see a priest. No other arrangements should be made until the priest has agreed to conduct the wedding and the date is booked in the church diary. We are busy between May and October so don’t delay in making that call.

Sometimes friends and family can give a lot of misinformation about the celebration of Sacrament of Marriage in the Catholic Church . If you are not sure if you can get married at St. Peter’s give us a call and we can look at all the details together and see where we stand.

In order to be married at St. Peter’s, either the bride or the groom should be a practising Catholic and have been a member of the Parish at some time, preferably because their parents lived or still live in the Parish. If you do not reside in the Parish you may be required (by Civil Law) to spend 7 days or more in Leamington Spa as a sign of temporary residence.

The priest will advise on the course of instructions required. Generally there are about five meetings to arrange the wedding, including the practice a few days before. We advise on the Order of Service and help you with the Church arrangements.

If you are thinking of marrying in a Church which is Christian but not a Catholic Church you will require a special permission to do so. Such permissions require at least 6 months notice. In these cases the couple will need to follow the same procedures as those who are married in the Catholic Church. It isn’t complicated but it does need a little bit of planning and careful preparation.