Welcome to the website of St Peter Apostle Catholic Church in Leamington Spa.

Just visiting? If you are not a Catholic or are just visiting and wish to find out more about the Catholic Church, information can be obtained from the Catholic Faith Centre. We have some of their leaflets in the display stand at the back of church. Alternatively, contact one of our very friendly and approachable priests and/or make an appointment to see them.

Recently joined our parish? If you have recently joined our parish please complete one of the cards in the New Parishioner box at the back of church and make yourself known to one of our priests after Mass.  We encourage you to be an active member of our community by becoming involved in the life of the parish. If you have any specific needs,interests or requests please contact the parish office or one of the priests. Alternatively use the Contact us on the website.

Our Church. The church was opened in 1864 and in 2014 we celebrated our 150th anniversary. The church is dedicated to the Apostle Peter. A statue of The Chair of St.Peter is situated at the end of the centre aisle near the entrance to the church.

The Presbytery. This is attached to the church. Entrance is along Dormer Place. All church post and contact is to be made to the parish office there.

St Peter Apostle in Leamington with Our Lady’s Church in Lillington and St Joseph’s Church in Whitnash are Three Catholic Churches working together. Any matters relating to St Peter Apostle or Our Lady’s Church or the Parish Centres please use the Contact Us section on the website. For St Joseph’s Church please telephone 01926 772712 or email: st.josephs47@outlook.com


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